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Is Forever Living Products an ethical and honest business?

Forever is approved by the Office of Fair Trading here in the UK. Everyone, no matter their background or circumstances, has a chance to set up their own business and earn from it. A further chance exists to mentor other team members to achieve success in turn.

What are the typical earnings?

That depends on how many hours you choose to commit. An average distributor can earn enough to contribute towards paying sizeable bills such as car payments, mortgage or rent, card balance payments or school fees. Typically, this requires 2-3 hours a week, or 10-12 hours a month. Many part time jobs in retail or bar work offer similar financial reward for 10-12 hours a week. Choose to commit that amount of time to Forever Living Products and you could be earning the equivalent of a Band 2 NHS salary right from your own home.

Of course, the top line figures are much higher and there are UK distributors and mentors who have large teams and earn over a million pounds a year. This will not come without some work though, and is unlikely to be achieved immediately on joining Forever.

What happens when Life gets in the way and I just don't have time?

Forever is endlessly flexible. You can respond to enquiries whenever you have a chance ' on a coffee break at the dayjob or while sitting in the car waiting for the children to finish school in the afternoon. One evening a week will see you on top of the paperwork and order placement.

Where else can I find Forever Living products?

The FLP range is only available through distributors. So the only other place you will find Forever products is via another distributor's business. The company's ethos is to allow independent distributors to sell the products individually rather than having big name supermarkets or health food shops in on the game. Because we all use the products, we're best placed to talk about the benefits too.

Will this approach work for me?

We recommend you try the products and see for yourself for starters. But as a business, it is a tried and tested formula that allows individuals to prosper. Use the range, see what it does, tell others, sell it to them by word of mouth and the visual proof they can see by the change in you. In this age of social media, word of mouth marketing is an effective tool for sharing any news, bad or good. Share the good news about Forever Living Products and you'll be on your way to making that extra money you need.

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