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Right, so here you are, looking for a new way to raise some extra pennies. You already sell everything you aren't using on auction sites and work as many hours as your boss will pay you for, but you still need money to cover unexpected expenses, school trips, the occasional holiday.

The Forever Living  Business Opportunity

Forever Living Products is offering the chance to be your own boss and work your own hours. Forever Living has been in business since 1978, and currently has an annual turnover of over $2.6 billion. Almost 9.5 million distributors and more than 4,000 employees can't be wrong, now can they? That number keeps growing, as does the firm. Perhaps this is something to do with it being privately owned, so no shareholders benefit from any revenues.

As with many network marketing firms, Forever Living has some great training. If you choose to join the network as an additional source of income to a day job, you may find you'll be able to use some of the tips in your day job too. Forever Living has a mentor mentality, good distributors can be good team leaders and become successful, we reckon, even if you don't think you're a natural salesperson to start with.

Forever is a business leader. We have an effective product range, and thanks to our association with aloe vera growers and manufacturers of pollen-based products, we also enjoy a place among the foremost suppliers in a crowded marketplace.

Why Should You Join Forever Living Products?

With Forever Living you have the chance to:

Start your own business
Set your own hours, your own earnings and your own goals
Earn extra money
Have a better work/life balance
Join a business which offers great incentives
Receive great training and mentoring

What's not to like? You can join Forever Living as a part-time revenue stream alongside a regular job. You could be working for us around caring for children or older relations, around a busy home life or a zero hours contract. Our Forever distributors are people of all ages from students to retired individuals and couples. You will all have your own reason for joining and everyone will have a chance to make the most of the opportunity.

What Can Forever Living Do For You?

Apart from the flexible hours this work from home opportunity offers, you mean?

OK, let's start with more about the flexible hours. Forever will not ask you to commit to a specific number of hours a week or per month. So if you have a young family, you can work term times when they're at school, so you can spend weekends and evenings with them.

If you have a zero hours contract that loads shift after shift for one week out of four, then gives you nothing more for the rest of the month, Forever will be there for those three weeks when you have no work and therefore no money.

If you're caring for someone, FLP will respect that. When they're doing well, you can concentrate on your business. But when your relative needs you, the business will mind itself and still be there when you can come back to it.

A work from home business is just that. So if you want to go our promoting it in your local community, that's fine. But if you are a technophile who knows how to make a website work, then by all means choose that option. You only need to be aware that selling the range on eBay, Amazon and similar sites will cost you your distributorship when head office finds out as this is not allowed,

Better to stick to using your own Forever website which is provided by the company, with links back to it on social media. Anyway, that's simpler to manage then, with auto postings and backlinks allowing you to see which media works best for you.

Forever does not ask for any relevant experience to allow you to sign up as a distributor. The company appeals to many different types, from the stay at home mum who craves independence from a 9-5 to the serial entrepreneur looking for their next business or the burned out professional wanting a job away from the rat race. There are no minimum or maximum earnings. It's all up to you.

Forever has no monthly membership payments, but you may find it easier to buy a Business Owner Box and register as an official distributor with the company. That way you will have instant access to all the assistance the team offers as well as a sample box and helpful literature for yourself and potential customers. Plus, signing up for a Business Owner Box means that you can order future products at wholesale prices.

The one recommendation that Forever does make is that you should try the products first if you are considering selling them. Before and after photographs of their own distributor undertaking a Clean 9 detox will inspire your customers, while many of the associated products can replace normal household and personal cleaning and hygiene ranges.

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